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Mobile apps for businesses. 10 reasons why you need them.

It is probably worth starting with the fact that at the end of 2016, users had around 4 billion smartphones in their hands, and this figure will increase by 2020 to 6 billion smartphones.
About 44% of consumers most often buy goods and/or services using a mobile device.
About 55% of consumers prefer to search for information about products and services of interest through a smartphone or tablet.
More than 60% of mobile device users recommend useful mobile apps to friends.
Despite all these statistics, not all entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of mobile applications for the development of their business.
If you also doubt whether it is worth spending money on mobile app development, we will dispel your doubts and tell you about the benefits of mobile applications for business development!

1. Sales increase.
Mobile application can increase sales, because it serves as a means of attracting and retaining customers. Thus, sending push notifications of hot promotions, offers and discounts will guarantee motivate users of the mobile application to purchase goods / services from you.
Who will not be interested in a message about a special offer on a favorite product or service received on a smartphone with photos, description and an indication of the addresses of the nearest stores and the way to get there? Yes, it’s time to forget about ineffective e-mail and SMS bulk messaging, as well as about the distribution of flyers and leaflets.

2. Creation of a loyal customer database.
Loyalty programs, personal discounts and birthday gifts for regular customers will help to tie them to your business and increase repeat sales. Even if 10-15% of your customers will come again, the cost of creating the application will pay itself off within a few months. Moreover, according to statistics, one out of every four people will return to use the mobile application if they receive some bonus content. Thanks to the mobile application, you can successfully create a database of loyal customers.

3. Increase customer base.
Usually, active users of a convenient and multifunctional application recommend it to their friends and acquaintances, attracting new customers and increasing brand awareness. This being said, without the additional expenses for advertising campaigns, you can constantly increase your customer base.

4. Detuning from competitors.
Today, mobile applications are not utilized by businesses as much as they should be, so the sooner you offer your customers a convenient and feature-rich application, the sooner you will become the first among competitors and get a hot audience. As explained above, in the face of fierce competition, you just need a good mobile application to compete successfully in the market.

5. Analytics.
Analytics constitute a main element of effective marketing. By using a mobile application, you can collect a lot of useful information of online data. What do customers buy most often? How much time and money they spend and how exactly? A good example of a business application that is not only useful for customers, but also for data collection is Skywell Smart Tracking.

6. The opportunity to create the most effective marketing strategy.
As we said in the previous paragraph, mobile applications allows you to collect detailed data and, as a result, highlight the most effective offers and form advertising and marketing policies with maximum benefit at minimum cost.
Information about new products, sales hits, along with a loyalty card in a client’s smartphone will help increase the average bill and stimulate additional sales. In addition, the application allows you to create an individual approach to each client. For example, using the history of views and purchases of customers, you can use direct marketing that is most appealing to that individual buyer. This approach gives much better results than conventional broad or below-the-line advertisement methods.

7. Feedbacks.
Two-way communication is an important part of a successful business, especially when it comes to the field of HoReCa. The mobile application will simplify the process of interaction with customers and will help to get feedbacks on your brand. It is enough to integrate the “share” button of popular social networks, to provide an opportunity for customers to evaluate your location, service or products using the application.

8. Optimization of business processes.
Mobile applications help to solve many business problems in management, logistics, inventory, etc. They allow you to improve the efficiency of the company, and also to save financial and human resources. As an example, with the help of an application, widget makers can control the production line and logistics – to track the loading / unloading of goods or product movement through a warehouse to shipping.

9. Improving the quality of customer service.
Mobile applications can improve the quality of customer service. For example, mobile banking today is not just a balance check or transfer of funds. Using a mobile application, it is easy to buy a ticket for a train, bus, and plane, or call a taxi. By giving to your customers the opportunity to book a table, order food or pay for an order through the app, a business gets a powerful tool to increase loyalty.

10. Reducing expenses for advertising.
The mobile application is an additional communication channel that allows you to be in touch with your target audience 24/7. Maintaining interest in the mobile application with regular customers through useful services, you can save on the advertising campaign and increase its effectiveness.