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  • The transfer of the site to a new CMS is required.
  • The website requires search engine optimization, which is necessary to increase speed, performance or make changes to the website source code.
  • Analytical data indicates visitor interest has decreased, the time spent by visitors on the website’s pages have lessened and if conversions have significantly dropped.
  • The site looks outdated and loses its competitive edge, so you need to update the content and revise the graphic design.
  • The company desires expansion in their field of expertise, changes its marketing policy, or modernizes its products.
  • The company needs to expand, enter into a new market, or change its target audience.
  • The company increases the list of services or product ranges that must be presented on the site.
Website Redesign, Naples, Florida

What kind of redesigns are there?

Visual redesign.

Includes: changes in color design, the emergence of new images, animation, etc... The design remains the same in essence, but looks much fresher. A visual update may improve the conversion, but may not bring the expected results if the previous design option was more popular with users. Therefore, before you make a redesign of this kind, it is worth weighing the pros and cons.

Functional redesign.

This is a deeper reworking of the site, which affects navigation, headings, sections, menus, and filters. The need to make a functional redesign of the site design arises when the resource becomes uncomfortable for the users. Regardless of which site is in front of us, it is very important that every visitor can quickly find the necessary information. Actually, if over time, the amount of information has increased, but website's usability has not been optimized, then it's time to make a functional redesign.

Technical redesign.

Technical redesign is an upgrade of the website that affects the source code of the site. The efforts of the designers and coders are aimed at optimizing the code, reducing the size of images, which ultimately leads to an increase of the pages loading speed. All this affects the position of the site in search results.

–°omplete redesign.

It implies the optimization of visual elements, functionality, and the site's source code.

What redesign includes?

Depending on the tasks that the customer sets, website redesign may include:

  • Logo redesign – when the logo is outdated or inconvenient to use. Alternatively, if the product has changed, or there has been changes in the structure of the company, such as mergers and acquisitions of companies, etc.
    The price of logo redesign depends on how clearly the task is set.
  • Changes in color, fonts, design style, which implies the use of modern trends, individual memorable design, and compliance with the modified logo.
  • Adding / changing content, which means removing obsolete categories and sections, replacing images with more modern and high-quality relevant topics, updating text content.
  • Removing irrelevant content that allows you to speed up the loading of pages, a parameter that is welcomed by search engines.
  • The introduction of animated elements that create a sensation of interaction and, if used correctly, have a good effect on conversion.
  • Making changes to the HTML code, which is important for search engine optimization.
  • Usability optimization, which implies a convenient menu, site navigation, search filters and the ability to navigate through a website intuitively.

Reasons to entrust us with the redesign of your website

Considering the specifics of your business.

We will delve into the specifics of your market segment, explore your competitive advantages and develop a website that will become a worthy representation of your company in the network.

Convincing presentation of information.

We perfectly understand that a business/corporate website and an educational website for kids requires totally different approaches. Therefore, to find the best way to present information, we always take, as a basis, your tasks.

Sophisticated modern design.

We follow the trends in web design, so we offer the most relevant and fresh concepts. We will develop a website that will bring the presentation of your company to a new level.